USB_Focus v.3 is a robotic focusing system for astronomers

USB_Focus motorize your focuser and control it from your computer, or by hand with or without computer It connects to your computer USB port (or USB Hub), and does not require any other power supply even for the stepper motor It embeds a digital temperature probe, 0.1C accuracy and can automatically follow best focus for the all night (temperature variations), see documentation for initial configuration It comes with a handpad for manual electronic focusing and with an ASCOM driver for computer assisted focusing, see documentation for compliant softwares It pilots a custom motor and reducer providing high accuracy (8000 positions per turn) and high torque (more than 85 oz.inch). It is backlash compensated. Several adapters are available to adapt to your specific focuser (flexible couplers, motor brackets,..) A dedicated software allows Wi-Fi access to USB_Focus using your prefered Smartphone or tablet
How to

More than ever USB_Focus v3 comes as a turnkey solution


Why an external temperature sensor ?

USB_Focus comes with a very accurate temperature sensor, in order to follow ambient temperature variations, not the electronic ones. For more details see

Mechanical options available

In order to have the motor strongly attached to your focus mechanism, it is recommended to use our black anodized, 2.5mm (0.1 inch) thick, aluminum mounting brackets*. Several dedicated motor Brackets are now available they directly attach to your Starlight Feathertouch, Astrophysics, APM, Baader, Orion, Kepler, Skywatcher, Takahashi,... In order to get best transmission of motor torque, consider the flexible shaft coupling proposed here**. They are adapted to your specific shaft diameter and now in 2 sizes. *included motor screws ** included allen wrench

USB_Focus remote controlling using Wi-Fi

You can now check your USB_Focus state (temperature and position) remotly without expensive softwares. You can also use your smartphone or tablet at home to focus by a finger touch (Android and iOS compliant)

Why USB_Focus half price of any similar system ?

USB_Focus is a reliable solution designed for backyard astronomers 1. It is small size, meaning smaller printed circuit board and less components 2. It is all-in-one box system and need no extra power supply 3. It uses cost effective electronic and mechanic components

Contact get help, to say hello or thank you ! French and English spoken
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